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Countess Borbála Nádasdy & Nordur Cosmetics

Countess Borbála Nádasdy & Nordur Cosmetics

Countess Borbála Nádasdy has experienced many trials in her life; nevertheless, she has maintained her femininity and grace throughout her 85 years. Her radiance and beauty shine through, and she attributes this to Nordur Cosmetics products. She gladly talks about the beneficial effects of these natural handmade creams and oils in the media, as these unique recipes best serve her desire for all things natural.

Born to Nádasdy, she only had 6 years of carefree life at the Nádasdy estate. Due to historical events, she was forced to leave her homeland at the age of 17, separated from her loved ones. She spent a varied life in a six-decade-long “exile,” and she tells the story of her adventures in seven published books. She returned home with her French husband to Mencshely in the Balaton Uplands, which she describes as, “The ground beneath our feet, the motherland that sustains us, the place we can return to.”

The countess has been using Nordur Cosmetics products for quite some time, and she believes they harness the natural power and fragrance of the earth, offering more than even the most expensive French creams. The scent of rain, snow, flourishing plants, and the earth’s nourishing power and beneficial effects are encapsulated in these small bottles, which contain no artificial scents or substances.

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